Monday, December 6, 2010

Coming up for air...

Hey there good people! Sorry for the lack of blog posts, but I'm just now coming up for air after my Black Friday sale (packing/shipping).  Hopefully all of you have received your orders, and if not...I promise they are on the way.  As of today, all Black Friday orders have been shipped.  As always, thanks for your patience and support.

How was your Thanksgiving? Well my anniversary fell on Thanksgiving this year and we had the family over at our house.  It was very laid back, and my mom cooked everything, so that was nice.  We took off for our anniversary trip 2 days after Thanksgiving and I must admit.....It was bliss!  We dined out, spent time on the beach, and toured some cultural sites.  I also spent lots of time thinking and reflecting on things I wanted to accomplish in the coming years, and also marveling at how brave we women are in ALL that we do.  We are so strong, and I'm beginning to realize my strength on a daily basis.  I love get-a-ways because they give me time to relax and clear my head.

While away my hubby bought me a necklace at Kate Spade.  I saw it, and the words moved me, and I absolutely had to have it!  It says "Take a Chance."  I think I will :)

Kate Spade Necklace

Me Shopping in Kate Spade

be free,

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