Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bohemian Biz Spotlight

It's that time again! Are you all ready to meet a gorgeous woman who has the personality and demeanor to match her beauty?!?! She's ROOTED in her faith, and her brand exemplifies that! I've known Lauri Michelle for approximately 5 years and I've seen her business soar to new heights. Her apparel line "Deeply Rooted" can be seen on television, on the runway, and on Faith Foward Fashionista's throughout Southern California and beyond. Let's check in with her to see how she was lead to create an apparel company with such powerful, and inspirational messages.

* Please comment and let Lauri know that she's welcome here at the Free to be Bohemian Me blog :) I'm sure she'd LOVE to hear what you think of her interview!

1. I won't ask your age, but what was your favorite t.v. show to watch growing up? 
Brady Bunch (stop laughin!)

2.  What gave you the AUDACITY to start a business?
My need to always create something, then the response to the first cuts of what I thought would be just a simple tool of motivation for the young women of my local church.

3. Out of all the creative businesses you could have chosen to start, why did you choose 
Deeply Rooted Apparel (DRA)? I have always been a creativehead. I used to make gift cards. Then I created a business called Flyrags when the blinged out scarves were popular. When I first started, DRA, I began with a partner. I had the relationship with the young women as a mentor in the church and she had the fashion sense. We both had MASSIVE creativity. The idea for the company came about when we received the overwhelming response to the first samples of tees we made for our youth. Our goal was to create an inspirational t-shirt which would allow them to express their individuality, yet have enough versatility for them to add their own fashion twist when coordinating an outfit to wear to service. Deeply Rooted Apparel, is a faith based apparel brand. We encourage one to be DEEPLY ROOTED in God's Word by having the confidence to wear something that expresses love, life and the benefits of being one of God's children. T-shirts are a staple in American Culture. They will forever exist. Now that there are fashionable options for t-shirts and tops, offering an alternative to popular (and at times offensive) t-shirts in today's marketplace allows Deeply Rooted Apparel to have a niche in the marketplace by targetting men and women of faith.

4. Lots of people want to be their own boss, however they don't understand that it really Is harder then it seems. What's your typical work day like?
I start my day off with a large breath. Then I take a look at the large mirror by my bed which has sticky's all around it with words of encouragement and empowerment. "God Loves You!", "You can do this!" "You are an OVERCOMER!". EVERY-DAY I read this! I still have a 9-5 job, but with alot of flexibility. I work from home 6 out of 20 days out of the month. Those are the days when I can dedicate my time to DRA. Outside of that, afterhours and lunch breaks is where the magic happens. ; ) I also have a 4-year old son, so when I say afterhours, its really once I get our time in. Over time, I have learned not to place too many constraints on myself. I utilize the internet ALOT as well as 800# services when I am unable to take calls. On each break, I check and return calls and make Post Office runs. IT IS HARD WORK. Which is why dedication is a MUST. When the numbers don't reflect your level of effort, you need that self-motivation to keep on pushing, knowing the blessing will come.

5. How do you find the strength to persevere when the challenges seem to outweigh the rewards?
(I think I addressed this while I was yappin away above) a nutshell...I LOVE WHAT I DO! When I even think of stopping, there is always a customer or a facebook fan who asks where is Deeply Rooted? When are your new products coming out? or just a note telling them how much they love how wearing DRA makes them feel!

6. What inspires you?
I am inspired knowing that people besides myself, love wearing something that is cute and expresses God's love. I believe God has a purpose for this brand to touch the lives of many. 

7. What's your go to wine when it's time to unwind? :)
A fellow entrepreneur friend of mine (Myisha McCarthy of Springcart) "hipped me" to Stella Rosa red wine which I really like. Its light, sweet and with a slight sparkle. But when I am in the mood, I like Sutter Home Moscato which I can find at the local market.

8. When it comes to the following words, what advice would you give?

*Work: Ethics. Care about the people you serve. How would you want to be treated?

*Self: Love yourself. Know that you are special and equipped with ALL the tools to accomplish the task that God has set before you. Sometimes you just have to GO DEEP to get it done. Also...learn to let go sometimes and DELEGATE (still working on this one.)

*Life: Balance. That's what it is for me. Women (I think) are natural multi-taskers. We serve our men, ministries, jobs, children and our businesses. The trick is making time for yourself. Sometimes I just STOP. I make sure everyone is taken care of then let them know its all about ME. Then I go do something for myself. It may be as simple as getting a pedicure or going to a movie, but I do ME. Then I feel refreshed and ready to tackle what is before me.

*Love: Have someone on your team who encourages and uplifts you. Someone who at least has a glimpse of your vision and doesn't compete with you, but complements what you are doing. That means, with action. That "What can I do to help?" kind of love.  Also, someone who isn't afraid to tell you what you may not want to hear. No "yes" man for me. I happen to have an overabundance of "blessing" in that area. LOL! Love you, Babe. ; )

*Friends: Ironically enough, your friends have to be to you similar to what your love is to you. Encouraging and willing to jump in and help when needed. They believe in your product so much that they support by telling their friends about it. Friends that want to see you succeed. Anyone else should not be permitted in your circle. You need NO negativity. Only positivity and encouragement. Even if its advice or something counter to what you may see or feel, a friend will express that in love. 

9. I define a Bohemian Spirit as someone who is free, unique, and unafraid to make her own stamp on the world. Why are you a Bohemian Spirit?  
If that's the definition of Bohemian Spirit, then that is ME to a Tee!!! (No pun intended!) ; ) I have always been one who loves everyone. I try my very best to do so without judgement or partiality. I am indeed a free spirit who isn't afraid to be who I am. The older I get, the less I care of what others think of me. I work at being in good standing with He who created me, realizing that none are perfect, but perfection should be the goal. I am a Bohemian spirit because I believe that I am one of many of God's good and perfect gifts and I strive to encourage everyone to find that good and perfect gift within themselves.  
Lauri Michelle
Deeply Rooted Apparel
 Design tees and tops which make the perfect fit for the faith forward fashionista


  1. Absolutely love the article. Thanks Lauri for agreeing to do this! Lately at my worship place we have been doing a series discussing being "ALL-IN" for God. And I have wonder what this means in my life. I love how you have taken your faith to reach those who might not be reached through these wonderful t-shirts. I will have to recommend this site to others. Thanks Myisha!

  2. Very nice article. She is very inspiring. Thank God for those edifying words.

  3. Beautiful clothing!! I love them!!

    Following on twitter!!

  4. awwww. cute!!! good job lauri!!!


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