Monday, April 18, 2011

My Weekend

Hey there! Happy Monday to you all. Hope your weekend was good and you weren't caught up in any bad weather or that darn tornado in North Carolina. We actually had 80 - 90 degree weather in Southern California over the weekend, but now we are back to rain. We've had the craziest weather here this year, but I'm not complaining because it could be worse. I spent most of my weekend outdoors soaking up the sun. Saturday I attended a birthday gathering for my girlfriend...It was the big 4-0 for her....So much fun! We had a private shopping party at a very cute boutique, then cocktails and girl talk, wine tasting, and we ended the evening with chocolate fondue!

On Sunday my hubby and I went for a drive through the Angeles National Forest and had lunch at Eureka Burger in our new neighborhood. We are moving soon to a cool artsy neighborhood that reminds me of a mini-Berkeley :). I'll share more details on our upcoming move later in the week. Our son decided he wanted to hang out with my mom over the weekend, so it gave me and the hubs a nice break from doing kid-friendly stuff. Sorry but I'm a firm believer that parents need fun time without their kids too! I'm just sayin' ;)

Below are some pics from my weekend...enjoy!

Goodie Bags I made for the party girls ;)

Me & the b-day girl




Drive with the hubby.

All pictures by M. Croom-Turner

be free,


  1. Hey Myisha glad you had a great weekend! Yes I do live in North Carolina, but about 1 hour away from the tornado! I moved here from Miami, and I could deal with the hurricanes. The tornado warnings are kinda scary. Great weather for you! Yes I agree parents need their special time as well. Iam all for it! Like you I have one child as well, and they are a handful. Loving my jewlery

  2. Hi Rochelle! Glad you weren't affected by the tornado & glad you love your BSJ! :)


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