Monday, June 6, 2011

Weekend woe & more...

Hey all! Hope you had a good weekend. The weather was a bit weird here in Southern California. Sunny, but a bit cool, and then some rain on Sunday....don't know where the rain came from but it was very odd.  Anywho, I didn't get much work done like I had planned...I guess I just wasn't in the mood. My Dad has been in town for the past 3 weeks and he left on Saturday, so we (me, D, & Myles) always have a little Debbie downer moment when he leaves town. His energy is so contagious and we just enjoy having him around. I'm so blessed to have a Father who is healthy and vibrant, and although he lives in Cleveland, Ohio he visits at least 3 times per year. We so appreciate what he brings to our family and what I love most is that he loves my husband to pieces.

I did manage to pick up the pieces Saturday afternoon and get out of the house and have some fun. On Saturday my girlfriend Monica and I went to a business mixer at Belly Sprout in Fullerton. It was such a cute little mommy/baby boutique and I met some really nice people there. Then we headed to an outdoor vendor event because we wanted to check it out, but mostly we wanted to taste the lobsta rolls from the from the Lobsta food truck. Umm hello...can you say super damn delicious?!?! After we decided not to buy another lobsta roll at $12 each...yikes! we headed off to have a real dinner and dessert.  It was a great girls evening out filled with laughter, chocolate, and a smidgen of shopping ;).  On Sunday I took myself to the movies to see Bridesmaid and ran errands.

So what did you lovelies do this weekend?

Dad peace-ing us out.

Belly Sprout in Fullerton, Ca.

Love this idea!

Lobsta Truck

Lobsta Roll :)

All pictures by Myisha Croom-Turner

be free,

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