Thursday, December 8, 2011

Boho Inspiration- Vogue Editorial

While pondering on what BSJ fans would love to see, I came across these fabulous photo shoot for Vogue Italia. These has so many Boho-chic inspiration for all season. The styling seems well thought out as the ode to the 70s remains the focus with a twist of modern attitude. The ethnic, geometrical, floral, and fringe details sets the stage for a perfect editorial.

The best part of these looks is that anyone can find individual pieces that is their
 own style. Whether you want to go all out or stay slightly boho and chic...

I love that they look outrageous at first but at the same time very wearable.
what pieces of the overall look or the photoshoot do you like?


Photography by T.K Auleta
Styling by Giulio Martinelli
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