Thursday, December 15, 2011

Jay Z...controversial topics

My cousin Terrence (passenger) and his friend Ben created this video while driving (hmm...I'm still processing that one). Anyhoo, it really is a topic that I think several of us have thought about, I know I have. Rap music has always been a controversial topic especially as it relates to the lyrics and the folks behind the lyrics, but sometimes maybe we are too quick to judge the artists. When I think back on some of the artist I love (Jay Z being one of them), I realize that I've almost always heard some reference to God in their lyrics, so I know they are aware but what else do I really know about their spiritual laws, values, beliefs.....not much. Check out the video and let me or Terrence and Ben know what you think by commenting below or on their youtube video. I love this and I'm so anxious to see their next video...


  1. What handsome guys!!!

    I am a Christian and an avid Jay-Z fan... My brother and I have debated about the Illumati so much. My P.O.V. is pretty much identifying with Terrance when he talked about how the guys very well could be saved, but aren't saying. I think controversy sells, and by them not saying, they are selling more records (which isn't necessarily right)...

    but, I'm still a fan, and I'm still listening!!!I know who I am and who I serve!

  2. Love your comment Sunny! "I know who I am and who I serve!" Yes! Thanks for commenting.


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