Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bohemian Business Spotlight..

It's so easy to talk about this lovely lady. She's classy, creative, and all about All Things Pretty and Pink! I've been a fan of Ebony's work before I knew her, and about 1 year ago I found out she was opening a boutique and I couldn't wait to visit. Upon entering I found myself in a whimsical wonderland of beautiful smells, french music, and pretty unmentionables....It was girly heaven! Since our meet Ebony has gone on to perfect her own fragrance line and is in the works of taking Nina Fleurina Boutique mobile. You can connect with her HERE on her blogsite, but please enjoy her BBS feature and feel free to comment...she would LOVE to hear your voice!

I won't ask your age, but what was your favorite t.v. show to watch
growing up? 

Here's a few...Saved By The Bell, Punky Brewster, and The Cosby Show.

What or who gave you the courage to start a business?

I was a preschool teacher for many years, both my parents were entrepreneurs, I would spend hours daydreaming when I was suppose to be watching children. I would be planning and fantasizing about being my own boss.

Out of all the creative businesses you could have chosen to start, why did you choose a boutique?

Owning my own boutique and developing my own "pretty" products...seemed very natural for me I love fashion and products that made women feel pretty and that is what I do.

Lots of people want to be their own boss for obvious reasons, however they don't understand that it takes a great deal of commitment, and hard work. What's your work day like and how do you stay focused?

My typical work day starts in my head, because I'm a "creative" but very methodical. I'm a dreamer so I can see visual artistry in motion in my head, first. Sometimes it can take all day to get something done and sometimes it can take a quick second but all this is happening in my head while running my boutique, designing, styling, blogging and being a wife which is a job in itself. Lol!

How do you find the strength to persevere when the challenges seem to outweigh the rewards?

I live my life aware of challenges which are more like hurdles, sometimes I leap flawlessly and sometimes I stumble and fall but either way a race needs to be finished and ultimately the goal is to win. I've won more then I loss so I continue to sprint my way through this wonderful life.

What inspires you?

Ooh! Poetry, romance novels, fashion, movies, fragrances, natural beauty, people and anything vintage and old with history inspires me.

What's your go to wine when it's time to unwind? :)

Wine...I don't drink wine often enough to know but I do love a glass of champagne preferably pink every now and again.

When it comes to the following words, what advice would you give?

Work: find something you love and do it until it wears your heart out.
Self: Do what please you and God and when others see the light you exude then you know you're in the right place.
Life: I always say "you" are in control of your destiny, make life what "you" want it to be.
Love: Lol! I'm a "hopeful" romantic, so I see life with pink colored glasses. I married the love of my life almost 14yrs ago what else can I say.
Friends: I'm surrounded by beautiful creative women who I look up to and love my friend are one of them. They inspire me and encourage me to continue to do what I do.

I define a Bohemian Spirit as someone who is free, unique, and unafraid to make her own stamp on the world. Why are you a Bohemian Spirit?

I swear I have wings because I'm such a free spirit. At times I can be a quiet spirit or fun and full of life. If I weren’t married I would probably be a gypsy traveling all over doing arts and crafts or something. I'm free to be who I am, a lover, a creative, a fashionista, and a bohemian spirit.

Ebony Robinson
Nina Fleurina Boutique
Boutique Owner, Perfume and Product Developer and lover of all things French and Vintage.

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  1. That was a cute commercial! I really liked the music too! Thanks for introducing us to your friend - who doesn't love all things girly and fab!

    xo, sam
    *Style of Sam*

  2. Yay! I'm so glad the business spotlights are back! This was a great feature! I lovedddd the perfume girly and fun! Wishing you continued success Ebony, and thanks for sharing Myisha!

  3. Hi Sam...Hope you are well! Yes, we all love all things girly! Lol!

    Hey Nikola...Yes, it's BAAAAAAAAAAACK! Just had to take a moment to find some Fab women for you all!

  4. Nice interview. I absolutely adore the commercial. Good work Ebony! I came by your shop a couple of weeks ago but you weren't open :(

  5. Me and my daughter visited the store, and really like it. We will for sure go back. Thanks Myisha. And much success to you Ebony Robinson.

  6. It is great to read inspiring articles from women who are not afraid to go after their dreams!

  7. loving it! what a cute commercial :)

  8. Thanks for stopping by ladies! Isn't that commercial too cute...I love it as well.

  9. Thank you so much Myisha for featuring Nina Fleurina as your very first BBS what a fabulous interview. I'm very honored and humbled by the comments. We're in transition from the boutique but we're moving forward to greater things. Love the comments, I'm glad you all enjoyed the commercial, so much more to come! XOXO Nina

  10. Absolutely LOVE the commercial. Great feature.

  11. Wonderful spotlight! You live every Girly girls dream Ebony! Much success to you!

  12. @Ebony It was a pleasure featuring you. I'm sure your story resonates with several women. Thanks for sharing your Pink world with us. ;)

    @My & Jasai Thanks for stopping by and commenting. More great interviews coming ;) See you back here next Wednesday for the 2nd BBS of 2012!

  13. Hey Ebony,
    Commercial was exceptionally very classy. Boutique displays were tasteful & original great smelling fragrances. My fav is "Birthday candle" for two reasons:
    1. 4 me & hubby so romance is always near & dear after 15yrs
    2. Personalizing touch & treat for my luv ones on their special day or just bcuz4 my fav nieces Imari & Jazz

    Loyal supporter so its definitely x 2 order


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