Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Office inspiration...

I want to spruce up my office so I've been looking on Pinterest for inspirational photos. Why did I do that? Soooooo many beautiful ideas! Now I'm thoroughly confused on what I want to do with my space. I hate when I act like decor choices and paint are permanent. It completely paralyzes me to think about decorating and painting my office and not liking the color, then having to do it all over again. Anyone else ever feel that way? All it does is keep me from doing anything at all. I really need to cut it out!

Anyhow, below are a few of the office spaces that I like. Enjoy!

{All images via Pinterest}


  1. Beautiful spaces. I probably woudn't get much done due to staring at how nice the space looked. ;)

  2. Picture #2 is lovely. My home office is shared with our Master bedroom so my office area blends in nicely with our decor. It look cozy and very relaxing. Have you ever heard of digital magazine called Rue? Check it out You'll love it!

  3. Yeah you're on to something Sunny! I may get too comfortable if it's too pretty. Lol!

    Glenda I love Rue and Adore and Lonny! Lots of great online mags out!


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