Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My's closet...

I'll be adding a new section here on the blog called "My's Closet" where I will periodically add things that are gently used or new that I no longer have space for or want to hold on to {also known as!}. Since we moved and downsized last year I've been more aware of the things I hang on to and how I really don't have enough room to "collect" things anymore. I hope that some of my items find a nice new home. You can always email me if you have any questions about the items listed.

Leather Dooney & Burke Bag with matching coin purse
13"x 8"
{Price includes shipping}

Barrel Style Dooney & Burke Purse
10" x 5"
{Price Includes shipping}



  1. Fabulous idea Myisha. I'm going to host a Swap Party in the opportunity to spring clean and perhaps pick-up some cool items that someone else no longer wants.

  2. Ooh a Swap Party sounds fun. I'd love an invite :)

  3. I tagged you on my blog! Please check it out when you can..should be fun :0)


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