Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thursday Bohemian Inspired Looks

Good Day to all the freely spirited people...I'm so glad it's now post-Easter. Good thing I've never been a sweet tooth because that's all the temptation this Easter. Hope you all celebrated safely.

So let's just say it's always a sweet surprise whenever I stumble upon a new label. And since BSJ is a challenge to be Boho-chic inspired, I am forever searching for the Simple, effortless romantic worthy, and yet classy. So here we are...Enjoy!

Cuple -Spring | Summer 2012

Norwegian Wood & Catch the Sparrow |April 2012
By Planet Blue

 Norwegian Wood campaign (Above)

Catch the Sparrow Campaign

As always your input will be appreciated. Whether you Like or Hate it...I really want to know?


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