Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Blogger Style...

Woot is the 2nd installment of Blogger Style! Pray for me y'all because I'm trying to be consistent in all that I do. Oh the struggle though...Lol! But I managed to remember that today was the day to feature some fabulous bloggers that you may or may not know about, so here it goes. Bambis Armoire and Sincerely Jules and two style bloggers that put together looks that are definitely blog worthy in my book. Although, I lean more towards the boho-chic style of Julie from Sincerely Jules, I still very much appreciate the sophistication and overall pulled together-ness of Tosha from Bambi's Armoire

Let me know what you think of them... 

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  1. I like them both. Two completely different styles.

    1. Yes, two totally different styles but fab nonetheless!


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