Friday, November 12, 2010

Recent purchases

I consider myself a fairly frugal woman.  There are several changes that come along with leaving a full-time job and working for yourself.  Believe me, when I was working for someone else and I knew that a check was coming every 2 weeks...I bought whatever I wanted....Seriously!  But when you are running your own business you tend to watch every nickel and dime you earn.  The other day I decided that I needed and wanted a few things, and finally got around to purchasing them. Below are a few of the items I bought, and I'm super pleased with them all!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Trulux Desk from Office Max

I love You Blogs & Coffee Print from Made By Girl

Studded Racerback Tank from Charlotte Russe

be free,

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  1. aw yes, I'm the same way....a shopaholic who can't seem to pass up a sample sale or any sale! but i'm getting my budget together and trying to save in the hopes of starting my biz soon.


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