Thursday, December 30, 2010

Have a Happy New Year!

I'm so excited about 2011!  I've got BIG plans, as I'm sure you all do as well. I love the idea of a fresh start (that's why I love Mondays), and a reason to do things bigger, better, and harder (as we should strive to do everyday). 2010 was one of the most spectacular years for me for many reasons:

1.  It was the first year I was completely self-employed and didn't rely on a paycheck from a 9 to 5 job (I'm still marveling over the amount of faith it took for me to do that).  

2.  My husband and I fulfilled a dream/goal we had always wanted to achieve.  

3.  My husband and I also took our commitment and love for one another to a higher level (I've known him for 25 years and he is my King).  We grow so much stronger as a couple, unit, and family each day. 

4.  I sought out and found a place of worship that I respect, enjoy, and that gives me and my family the tools to increase our knowledge of self and God.

5.  I was fearless in the things I did to grow my business.  I changed the business name, my logo, I created a men's jewelry line and I sought out popular designers and business owners and asked several business related questions.

I'm going into the New Year with a positive outlook and knowing that 2011 will be even more spectacular, and filled with abundance. I thank you all for reading my blog and for being there through all the changes Bohemian Spirit has gone through this year.  I'll be taking a road trip with my family and celebratiing the New Year in San Francisco!  I"ll be back to blogging by January 4, 2011.  Be Safe + Many Blessing to you all!

Be free in 2011,

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