Thursday, January 27, 2011

Getting organized

Hey there! I was so exhausted yesterday that I decided to take a day off from posting.  I've been moving at lightning speed since the New Year began. Funny thing is I didn't make any resolutions, but I did decide that this would be the year that I made more fearless decisions about my business. But with those fearless decisions comes a lack of sleep, a calendar filled with events, meetings, and deadlines, several orders to make and fill, and of course I must stay on top of my most important jobs as a wife and mother. It really is a crazy balancing act.  So I've been trying to get more organized by jotting things down in my calendar as soon as I find out about them.  It seems so easy, but I have the hardest time doing that (it's one of my many shortcomings...forgetting events that have been planned forever) and it drives my hubby nuts!

So my biz tip for the day would be to stay organized! Lol! I usually just purchase those $1 calendars. One to carry in my purse, and one for my office. Below are a few of the things I have coming up that will probably keep me from posting any real decent content on this blog for the next few weeks. Lol! Sorry....just keeping it real ;)

Email: to RSVP for Trunk Show 
(Limited Space Available)

Spark and Hustle Conference in Los Angeles

 Cute Planner from Etsy

Be free,


  1. OMG! I'm going to the Spark and Hustle conference here in NYC!

    I cannot WAIT to attend! : )

  2. No way! Cool!!!! Okay, we must compare notes after we've both attended.


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