Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Are you a believer?

How much faith do you have in yourself, and in your ability to build a great business? It seems when we are bold enough to embrace our talents, then others will too. When you believe that your business (or the business you want to start) is small, little, kinda, sorta, just, then your business will come off that way.  We need to speak life and positivity into our goals, and business aspirations. For example, I've noticed when I began believing that my business was just as important as a person who worked a corporate job, and I stopped saying "Oh, I make jewelry," and stopped my husband from saying "Oh, she makes bracelets," and we started speaking positivity into my goals, designs, and new career... my business began to flourish. I'm a Jewelry Designer and I create art that people wear! I started believing in those words, myself, my talent, my design capabilities, and my ability to touch others with my work. Doctors don't dumb down their profession or God given talents by saying "Oh I give medicine, and check people for illnesses." I've never heard a Doctor say that, so why do we lessen our talents and businesses. Now I'm not saying be self-absorbed, but have the courage to take BIG pride in what you do, and believe that it is your greatest work at this time. When you do, I know that so many wonderful and positive things will start to appear.  Some that you won't even believe!

I was out last week with a girlfriend and as we were walking to the car to head home she noticed something written on the display window (picture below). I was amazed at first sight of it, but then after a few moments I wasn't...Because I believe in what I'm doing, and as a result of that all sorts of amazing things will begin to show up. ;)

Be Courageous! {source}

be free,


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