Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Bohemian...

Today I thought I'd put together my perfect Spring Bohemian look. Now when I say "bohemian look" don't be scared because I'm not talking about moccasin boots (although they are cute), headbands, and tie-dyed tee's.  I mean a chic, put together bohemian look which is the kind of style that I love! I like to call it the NEW bohemian look ;)

Would you all wear any of these pieces, or are they too "out there" for you?

be free,


  1. The Maxi dress is really cute. I'm a frequent shopper of Free People. Sometimes the clothes are a little too youthful for my taste but I almost always find something I like. Check them out.

  2. Oh I adore free people Dy! Love the Glendale store.


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