Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Inspiration ~n~ Love

I've really been inspired (and enamored) lately by the creative works of other jewelry designers. To see the detail and great craftsmanship of others really pushes me to do my best work! Below I've highlighted some of the jewelry designers that I admire, and plan on buying from really soon...YES, I purchase jewelry from other jewelry designers. Lol! 

Today while reflecting/relaxing and putting together some V-day gifts for friends, I was thinking about how hard I've been working, and pushing myself to reach my goals this year. I'm very please with what I've been able to accomplish so far, and I'm really looking forward to what will happen next! I've already met some wonderful people, made some great connections, had a successful trunk show, had 3 boutique inquiries to carry the BSJ line, and registered to attend a highly recommended business conference. It's only February and I've already hit several of the personal and professional goals I've set for myself...whoo hoo!  

You guys are a quiet bunch, however I'd love to know what goals you've set and what you have or are working on accomplishing for 2011.  Maybe we can start holding one another accountable ;)

Initial Ring {source}

Me wearing my Grow Necklace that I was gifted from the designer! 

Nautical Necklace {Source}

V-day gifts I created :)

Be free,


  1. Myisha I love the great finds. My goal for this year is actually to become healthy in every aspect of my being physically, emotionally, and spirtually. I'm also thinking about branching out of my comfort zone and going ahead and writing a book I've been dreaming about.

  2. Oh and side note I must say I do look at your blog daily to see what's posted even though I may not comment. I love your work. I'm really into great jewlry designs with words.


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