Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bohemian Spotlight

Today we have a little bohemian twist! I believe that anyone can be a stylish boheme'.....men included. So today our Bohemian spotlight is on Eric Benet. Many of you know him as Halle Berry's ex, sex addicted husband. Lol! But I was an Eric Benet fan long before he married Ms. Berry.  He has a unique voice, and his songs seem to always put you in the mood for.....well you get the picture ;). His style is always on point, he wears man accessories (love it!), his hair is amazing, his unshaven look works, and his voice is smooth. And if any of you have ever seen him in concert, then you know he loves to go barefoot on stage. :) Enjoy! hehehe

Eric Benet & daughter India

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Be free,


  1. I'm with you My, I was into Eric during his "True To Myself" days! LOVE HIM! His daughter is following in his footsteps, she has a fantastic voice! They have such a great realationship, nice to see a father and daughter duo!

  2. Hey Moni! Yes, it is refreshing to see such a close relationship between daughter and father.


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