Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy Friday + Overcoming Me Pt. II

Hey there! Happy Friday! Looks like we are going to have a beautiful weekend in Southern Cali. I'm truly thankful for that because quite frankly, I'm ready for warmer weather. I have a few plans this weekend but the one I'm most excited about is Mommy and Son time tonight. Toys-r-us, dinner, movie, and just all around fun.  Me and my Myles always have the best time together. He is truly a joy and I'm so thankful that he is all mine...Well I share him from time to time with his Dad ;).

So yesterday I posted here about overcoming some obstacles in my life. Especially since I wanted to be a business owner, and I knew that being shy and introverted didn't translate into sales or great relationships. So today I want to share some of the ways I've overcome my shyness. I still struggle with speaking in front of people, but I'm working through conquering that fear as well....It's one step at a time. Below I've outlined a few things I've done to conquer my shyness, and become a better communicator, business person, and an overall better me!

Overcoming Me

1.  I watched other people do it! My husband is an extrovert, and I watched how he would walk into a room where he didn't know a soul, and walk out knowing everyone. I noticed whomever he was sitting or standing next to (in a long line, at an event, concert, etc.) he would make a statement or ask a simple questions and the conversation would just unfold from there. I took note of that. 

2. I started reaching out to people online that I admired (biz women, inspiring people). I'd email them, introduce myself, and most times an email conversation would take place. If they were local I would drop by their store, or an event they were having to introduce myself personally. (Many of the friends I have today will tell you that I reached out to them via email first). It may seem a bit strange, but people love to receive an email from someone who genuinely admires there work and want to compliment or thank them for sharing there talent with the world.

3. I started realizing that when I went places where no one knew me, only I knew that I was shy. So there was an opportunity for me to present myself differently, or start anew. For me, this was a great way to start meeting people that hadn't known me as a shy person. It gave me the freedom to start fresh.

4. I also started introducing myself to everyone....Here's what I mean. You know how when you attend a wedding and sit at a table where you don't know anyone? This was so awkward for me. Well I started introducing myself to everyone at the table. More times than not you will find that someone has the same name as someone you know, or a commonality. It's a great time to strike up a conversation. "Oh your name is Tanya, my sister's name is Tanya, so I know I'll remember your name." Something like that. I tried not to worry about it sounding corny....Just Do It!! Lol!

5. I began attending workshops and conferences that put me outside of my comfort zone. This was a tough one for me, but It had to be done. I had to force myself to be put on the spot, to talk about my business, to tell a little bit about myself. As uncomfortable as it was, it was always over in a matter of minutes and it really did get easier each time. 

6. Be yourself. I'm not a loud person, so I'm never going to be the life of the party, but I make sure that when the party is over people don't say "Oh I don't remember her." Wear something that stands out, bring a unique gift, do something that will set you apart so that people will approach you! Or If you are at a party, approach you don't know who has on a cute shirt, or bangin' shoes that you would purchase and go compliment her. It will most likely open up an unbelievable conversation. Recently I've been wearing the new Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail strips that I posted about here and they have opened up at least 5 different conversations since I've been wearing them. My husband just laughs because strangers
(waitresses, barista's, clerks) have been asking me about my nails, and It has lead to conversations about my business and other stuff.

Hope this post has been helpful and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 

This song just makes me relation to the post. Mos Def & Jill Scott....Enjoy!

be free,


  1. Great tips. I can totally relate to having a mate that is the life of the

  2. Right...we have that in common for sure. Our outgoing mates...hehehe

  3. Great tips Myisha. Tip number 5 is what I started doing recently. I also participated in the business plan competition at my college (csudh)and presented in front of a panel of over 30 people. I was so nervous and felt like I wanted to run, but I got through it and I actually did very well. I won runner up! Over coming something that is such a large part of who you are is hard to do, but its all about just doing it.


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