Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday love

I love Monday's because it's always a chance for me to start off on the right foot (or at least that's what I tell myself). Lol! I have a long list of things to accomplish this week, but that's okay because as long as I write them down and prioritize, I should be able to get most of them done.

The weekend was great! I had a show on Saturday that went very well and I met several cool women. Then on Sunday my girlfriend Moneca and I attended the Pamper Me Fabulous shopping event which turned out to be really fun....Especially once we had a few glasses of champagne :) Below are some of the fun pictures we were able to take at the event. I also took several pictures with my personal camera from my show on Saturday, and my Sunday outing. I'll post more pictures a little bit later on today, but now I'm off to work on a history project with my little guy. Be back later ;)

{click pictures to enlarge}
be free,


  1. oh please!!! you two need to knock it off!!!!! im not feeling this at all!!! (im actually very jeally)

  2. There's nothing like the love shared between the best of friends.


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