Friday, April 1, 2011

Free to be.....

Hi there! So glad you all enjoyed yesterday's post. This blog really is sort of a journal for me, and a way to reach out to folks who I may never meet, but who share my interests. I know that the right people will be drawn to this blog (as proven) and I really love when you all comment because I get to know a bit about each of you, almost as if we were girlfriends who meet up for coffee from time to time and talk about love, life, heartbreaks and possibilities. So I truly thank you all for reading, stopping by, commenting, and browsing :)

Now to the weekend! What do you guys have going on??? It's 80 degree's in Southern California, so I'm going to get into something...hehehe. We (hubby, son, and I) finished up my son's history project yesterday, so the sky is the limit for us. I can't wait to finish up work today so I can get out in the streets!

This Friday I'm going to be "Free to Be"........

Bohemian me (of course)
Loud (but not obnoxious ;)

Love this song...
Love the lyrics...
Lovin' Life...
Enjoy & Happy Friday!

be free,

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