Saturday, January 21, 2012

The weekend

It rained in Southern Cali today {contrary to what Tony, Toni, Tone' says}and I'm all smiles because of it! I had a chance to wear my rainboots, use my cute umbrella, wear one of my new scarves, and peruse my neighborhood with coffee in hand as if we were really having a winter. Hehehe...

Anyhoo, enjoy the rest of your weekend and I'll see you all on Monday!

Coffee :)

Rainy weather :)

My baubles sold in Heirloom Gift Boutique

Hubby taking advantage of the weather & taking a class :)

Heirloom Packaging :)

All pictures by me...via instagram :)


  1. The pics are wonderful! love the display! See you Monday

  2. Thank you Ash...muah! @Local Celeb..Thanks!!! Yep, see ya' Monday ;)

  3. Cute pics! Love the packaging! Have a fabulous weekend {even in the rain}!

  4. i need to get an iphone so i can get

    also california just looks so gorgeous - cant wait to visit

  5. You too Ebony!

    @Monica, I just got the iPhone and I'm getting used to it, but I love my instagram!

  6. You mean there's store I haven't discovered. What street is Heirloom on? And yes, the umbrella was cuteness :)

  7. Hey Glenda! It's on Indian Hill between 1st & 2nd near Yogurtland. You'll love it!

  8. Happy Weekend! Love your instagram pics, especially the one of the view from your umbrella!

    xo, sam


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