Thursday, October 13, 2016

Bohemian Fashion: Soft Goods

Hey lovelies! Lately, I've been whining a bit about my work poor husband has been getting an ear full.  I love what I do, but sometimes it can get a bit overwhelming having two businesses. The many hats that I wear are ridiculously crazy and for some reason this week it all got the best of me. So, today I decided to take a "me time" day. I had no idea what I was going to do, but I wanted to just go with the flow. After sleeping in until 10:30 am, taking a long bath and sipping my coffee slowly, I finally decided to trek to Anaheim to my girlfriend Ebony's shop, Soft Goods. It was clear upon arrival that I wanted to buy up the entire store, but the way my budget is set up...Lol! I did end up purchasing several lovely items for my upcoming trip to Italy. I can't wait for you all to see them!

Anyhoo, I'll let you take a look for yourself at the bohemian-chic cuteness that is Soft Goods. If ever in the OC area you should definitely stop by and visit. Ebony is such a gem and the shop won't disappoint! I also threw in a few Q & A's for Ebony to answer. Hope you all enjoy it!

This entire outfit is so me. 

There was a clean linen candle burning when I entered which smelled divine. These new Heirloom Harvest ones smelled great too!

I ended up purchasing this cute slouchy top. Adorbs!

My beautiful friend and shop owner Ebony Robinson. 

Ebony carries her Mothers bath and body line Ollie & Alice in her shop. 

These pillows start at $15....such a great price!

I loved these indie artist designed macrame wall hangings.

Ebony's shop palette is cute is that concept???!

Ebony's store displays rival Anthropologie and Free People. Check out the cool items she curates and how she displays them in the shop. She's so good at what she does. 

What is Soft Goods and who is it for?

Okay, so Soft Goods is a carefully curated mix of bohemian inspired "soft" apparel, candles and home goods.
We exist for the young at heart, free spirit wanderers.

Tell me a little about your journey to becoming a shop owner?

My journey as a shop owner started in 2003 when I opened my very first boutique selling custom blended perfumes and handmade bath products with my mom. Over the years as my quest for tranquility, peace and harmony evolved so did my business ventures. The search to find myself and define my identity has brought me to where I am today owning a shop that embodies me..soft, serene, free and intentional. I say intentional because each product is purchased with purpose. I launched Soft Goods in 2013 hitting the ground running, popping up at vintage market places all over Southern California. I opened Soft Goods Brick and Mortar in July 2016, I was reluctant but very happy that I did.

Tell us something about yourself that we'd be surprised to know.

This was tough because I'm such a bore...but people would be surprised to know I grew up on my grandparents  farm in East My husband still doesn't believe that I would pick fresh black berries in a cow pasture, eat fresh eggs from our chicken coup or watch cows roam down the dirt road!! My great grandmother would make us homemade syrup and biscuits and her house was a little shanty with no doors...Yup, I was definitely a farm girl growing up but the city of Los Angeles runs through my veins...born in Compton CA...boom!

Soft Goods
423 Brookhurst
Anaheim California
IG: Softgoods


  1. You were not joking ... I want to buy everything! She has such a beautiful shop.

    1. It's so adorable, right???!!! She's online if you're interested... :)

  2. How did you not buy everything, I don't think I didn't love anything, beautiful shop. I'm taking note on that website. Thanks myisha!

    1. Hi Liah! It was so hard, but I managed to put a small dent in my wallet 😜


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