Thursday, April 7, 2011

Learning & growing.....

Every now and then I create a list of things that I'd like to purchase for myself. I don't have a lot of wants because I've finally got it...My lightbulb moment hit me a while back and I know that material things will never define me...I define me! I've had the best (houses, cars, clothes, etc.) and what I've realized is that I was never satisfied. Once I had something expensive, I then wanted something more expensive....I'm shaking my head right now at the thought of that foolishness. I've made a lot of past mistakes in my gluttony, but I wouldn't trade those mistakes for the world because I've grown so much because of them. I've since given up that over the top spending and I don't feel like I'm missing a thing! Seriously! Don't get me wrong....I live a great life, but it's much simpler these days. Now I'm more aware of what's most important in my life (God, family, great friends, endearing moments) and everyday I work on letting go of my attachments to material things, because as we all know...they can be gone at any moment! My new favorite loves are no longer buying the latest cars, and most expensive handbags, but now I treasure time spent growing my business, nurturing my relationship with my sister, traveling with my family, increasing my faith, helping others, and doing me!

Me & my sister Tootie

Howlite Faith Bracelet from Bohemian Spirit

be free,


  1. Here's to evolving. I was once that young lady too. Like you, I shake my head, and like you, I would not trade those mistakes in either. Yes, I have a very good life now, but SIMPLICITY and knowing that I have all that I need, is enough for me.

    I like that picture of you and Tootie.

  2. I love it! So many people are caught up in the "gotta have it" syndrome that they ignore the simple beautiful things in life. I wish more people would realize it's not about having the latest and the greatest, but about being the greatest you can be in loving others and giving, and appreciate the Grace and Mercy we are given every day.

  3. Cyber sisters for life I! :)

    Yes Velvet simpler is definitely better.


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