Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Make-up in style...

I really need a new make-up bag, or a Dopp Kit as Karen Young, owner and designer behind Hammocks and High Tea calls them. I've been a fan of H&HT for a years and every now and then I drop by the website to check out the lovely textile patterns that Karen pours her heart into (as you can tell). I've never had cutesy or very stylish make-up bag, so I think I'll treat myself to one of these pretty little babies. I love everything about them!  My favorites are #1 and #2. What do you think...wouldn't it be nice to have a really cute make-up bag like these?

be free,


  1. Cuteness. I like #1. Not sure about that price, though.

  2. Aren't they nice??? I got #1 on sale :)))))


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