Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bohemian Spirit Give-a-way time!!!

Good Morning! I'm excited about the end of the week approaching because I'm planning on having a little wind down time this weekend. I pre-paid for a massage last week and I can't wait to receive it. I'm looking forward to having someone work all of these knots and kinks out of my shoulders and back. When I prepare a new collection there's so much anticipation (for me at least) and thought that goes into it and I sometimes become a bit stressed. Although the process of creating is fun for me, I still have a bit of angst about whether my pieces will be well received. Anyhoo, I've already figured out one of the summer favorites from my new collection, and it's the Swirl Bracelet. So guess what??? One lucky person will win it next week! Don't worry about what you have to wear with it....this is the Free to be Bohemian Me blog, so you can wear it freely...anyway you like...don't worry about being matchy matchy...there's liberation in letting go sometimes. ;)

Okay, okay, so without further are the entry rules:

1. Entry to win: Like the BSJ Facebook "Like" page & have your friends "like" the page too. They can comment under the swirl bracelet picture on FB that you referred them. Ex: Myisha referred me to "like" this FB page. (Each friend that mentions your name is an additional entry for you :)

AND Comment here on how you found out the Free to be Bohemian Me blog.

2. More ways to enter to win: 2. Subscribe to my newsletter please... (Your chance of winning are greater)

3. Even more ways to win:  Tweet the give-a-way and link it back to @bohogurl on twitter and follow my blog over there ------> (Your name in the give-a-way pot more times...your chances of winning are phenomenal!!!)

Winner will be announced June 16th. Good Luck!!!

be free,


  1. Hey Myisha,
    I met you about 8 months ago at the Farmer's market when I bought a scarf from your Grandmother. I commented on how much I loved your bone earrings and got you business card. I have an online business as well on Etsy that we talked about for a bit. I Love reading about the Powerful and successful Woman you feature. I love the new stuff by the way. You can check out my online business at Thanks!

  2. I also subscribed to your newsletter, added to you to our etsy business twitter page and tweeted about your giveaway blocksbyallison


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