Monday, July 11, 2011

My weekend...

Hello bohemian lovelies! Hope you all had a restful weekend and are off to a blazing start this Monday morning....yeah right huh??? Monday's can be tough and just because I'm self-employed doesn't mean I don't understand the pain of a Monday morning....Lol! I still have to get up and return emails, run errands, ship packages, complete orders, handle customer questions and issues, etc. It can get overwhelming sometimes :0.

Now on to the weekend!!!! I had lots of fun this weekend, and pretty much did everything I said I was going to do here. I was super anxious to attend the Rose Bowl Flea on Saturday, so I woke up extra early and couldn't wait to text my girlfriends to see if they were up and ready to roll...Lol! Below are a few pictures from our day there. I also saw the Tribe Called Quest documentary. If you haven't seen it....SEE IT! Wow is all I can say! I'm a huge Tribe I know all the lyrics to all the songs. When my husband and I got together umpteen years ago he was shocked by my knowledge of Tribe. I'm a die-hard ATCQ fan and I think that if you don't know too much about them that you will still enjoy the documentary. If nothing else your head will be bobbin' throughout the film. :)

All pictures by M. Croom-Turner

be free,

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