Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Chevron print....

I'm obsessed with Chevron print! I think I like it on er' thang....seriously! Below are some of my favorite chevron printed items. I've already purchased the turquoise laptop sleeve :) What do you think about this new print trend? Are you for it or against it?

be free,


  1. Sorry Myisha, I'm not one for angles. I like more rounded, soft prints.

  2. I've been lovin' chevrons since I saw them on the banner at Say Yes to Hoboken. So fun! I appreciate a lot of patterns, though. Especially vintage floral.

  3. @Glenda....Yeah they aren't for everyone. That's why I asked...I was interested to find out if you Free Spirits loved them as much as I do ;)

  4. Always had love for chevron. Since being a little girl, and seeing my mother with jewelry with that pattern. ;)


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