Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Summer outings...

My little family enjoys summer outings. We've always been the type of family who loves to explore our city and surrounding areas too! Thanks to a husband who likes driving, we get to do and see different things quite often. Last week my hubby and I enjoyed a Brandford Marsalis concert in Orange County at the Great Park. It's a beautiful park with lots to do for young and air balloon rides, merry-go-round, food eateries, outdoor bar, and great musical acts throughout the summer. We didn't get to go on the hot air balloon ride that evening, but we are planning on going back soon to try it out. I tried to capture some of the fun stuff at Great Park. Have any of you S. Cali folks been? If so, what did you think?

All picture by M. Croom-Turner

be free,


  1. are those sweet potato fries?? yum! they are my favorite even over regular fries. i live in so cali but have never heard of this but now thanks to you i have where is it exactly?

  2. Hi Meg! Yay...another Southern Cali Girl :) The Great Park is in Irvine & they have such a great concert series for FREE :))))) Parking is $10 and if your arrive early enough you can sit in the chairs they provide, or you can bring a blanket and hang out on the grass area. Here's the link:


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