Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Create your mark...

Sorry, there isn't a Bohemian Biz Spotlight today which leads me to the topic I'd like to discuss. Are you creating your mark on the world? If you are, then YOU should definitely be in the Bohemian Biz Spotlight. Email me at bohemianspiritjewelry{at}gmail{dot}com and in the subject line put "BBS." Then just drop me a few lines about what you do. I look forward to hearing from all you fabulous creators!

p.s. The BBS is open to all do-ers. It does not have to be a big creation or a large business. The emphasis is on women who have taken a chance and began doing what they love (full or part time). Read past spotlights (up and over) ------> to see how past BBS spotlights get down :)

be free,

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