Monday, September 26, 2011

Welcome back...

Yep, it's Monday already. I love the start of a new week. I'm fairly organized so it's just a great way for me to begin checking off all of the things that were on my list (inside my head) over the weekend. Pay bills (argh), return emails, send BSJ orders (smile), and update website with any new items I've made over the weekend (yep, added this one last night). It's kinda easy to hit it hard on Monday when you've really enjoyed your weekend and I really did enjoy mine! I had date night with the hubs on Saturday (always fun), and I assisted my girlfriend at a boudoir photo shoot she was styling on Sunday.

Below are a few pictures I took from the shoot. All of the models were styled by the talented Ebony Robinson of Nina Fleurina Boutique. I had never seen Ebony in her styling element, so It was a treat to see how creative she is outside of her boutique. I was so inspired that I secretly wanted to take my own boudoir picture...maybe one day ;)

Ebony in action

array of costumes

fierce model

photo shoot in action

styling another fabulous model

this girl worked it!

my favorite of them all

Ebony and her styled models
Pictures by M. Croom - Turner

be free,


  1. Adorable! It's weird seeing myself this way. But I loved ever yminute of it. Thank you for riding along with me, handing me pins, taking pictures and supporting me along the way. Love you BHGURl!

  2. that looks like it was such a fun shoot! I love the costumes!

    Chic on the Cheap

  3. This looks amazing!! Congrats to the BOTH of you! I love this.


  4. The photoshoot looks so cool!!!!

  5. It was a fun event everyone! I learned so much.


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