Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bohemian Biz Spotlight...

I love it when I bump into other creative women whether it be in person, or via the's always such a treat for me to connect with a like mind. Anyhow, I don't exactly know how Michaela Phifer and I crossed paths online, but I'm glad we did. She's one of those women who you meet and keep in your "friend circle." She's smart, funny, a mom, an encourager, and supportive of other women-owned small businesses. Michaela is also the owner and seamstress behind Myla's Bags, a cute online accessories boutique where she handcrafts beautiful totes, purses, make-up bags, tablet covers and so much more. She's a very talented woman and she's here today as our Bohemian Business Spotlight! Check out what she has to share...

1. I won't ask your age, but what was your favorite t.v. show to watch growing up?  
 Wow.. Well I used to watch Little House on the Prairie and the Cosby show and A Different World.  
2. What gave you the AUDACITY to start a business? 
I've always wanted to start my own business, I just never had a reason to until a few years back when a couple of friends and family started to admire the bags I was creating for myself. After a few (successful) craft shows, I decided that it was time to really go for it.

3. Out of all the creative businesses you could have chosen to start, why did you choose sewing handbags? 
I've sewn since I was small so it was only natural for me to start this business. 
 4. Lots of people want to be their own boss, however they don't understand that it really Is harder then it seems. What's your typical work day like? 
Well my typical day starts @ 6 am. I try to get up and do a 20-30 minute workout but sometimes my body wants to stay in the bed longer. I get up, get dressed and get my daughter and myself out the door for school and work. After work, I come home to do the family "duties" and hopefully get a chance to work on the sewing machine. Some days I don't get a chance, but when I do I sew like a mad woman (says my 12 year old).  For me working a full time job and having a family can be very tough on someone who wants to do their own thing on the side, but when I see the smile on a customers face when they pick up my items, it makes it all worth it.  
 5. How do you find the strength to persevere when the challenges seem to outweigh the rewards? 
Prayer, and lots of it! There are so many days that I wonder why I try to do so much. There are plenty of days when I want to give up.  I lay down at night and pray that the Lord will give me the strength to carry on the next day.  I am also  encouraged by other women who are working hard and making their dream happen. Keeping in touch with them helps to keep me inspired and focused. 

6. What inspires you? 
The world inspires me. Sometimes you just gotta step outside and "look outside the box" when it comes to everything.   
7. What's your go to wine when it's time to unwind? :) 
Any brand Moscato :) <<-- I'm definitely a cheap date,lol! 
8. When it comes to the following words, what advice would you give?

Work: with a smile :) 
Self:  Love & take care of yourself
Life:  Life is short don't waste it on unnecessary drama 
Love:  Unconditional 
Friends: Having a few GREAT friends is better than having a million slack ones.

9. I define a Bohemian Spirit as someone who is free, unique, and unafraid to make her own stamp on the world. Why are you a Bohemian Spirit ? 
I am a bohemian spirit, because I try to enjoy life to the fullest. I enjoy being me and being different. I try to be as true as I can be.  I am not and never was good at lying so it's hard for me to be anything else. Even though I am terrified of failing/losing, I still try my darnedest to do what I can and stay true to myself, my family and my business.

 Michaela Phifer 
Myla's Bags
 I am the creative designer and sewer of handbags and whatever else may inspire me.

*Wanna be in the spotlight? Email me at BohemianSpiritJewelry{at}gmail{dot}com

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