Monday, January 23, 2012

Just sharing...

Happy Monday! Hope you guys enjoyed your weekend. I did a little bit of everything. Me and my lil' family checked out the Red Tails movie on Friday, on Saturday my hubby and I attended 2 parties and danced like we were 19 again (so fun!). On Sunday our little guy had a basketball game which is always exciting....I actually get a bit nervous before his games.

Anyhoo, it was a good weekend and now I'm back to the grind of business, business, and more business. I'm putting the BSJ Spring Collection in motion, finalizing details on an upcoming collaboration I'm working on (which I'm super excited about), and always organizing the business of our farmer's markets. There's so much that I have to do and manage that I always need things around me to keep me sane, organized, and inspired...Below are a few of them.

Fresh flowers on my desk while I work.

Calendars from Khristian Howell

Playing Angry Birds :)

BSJ fan pictures which inpire me to keep doing what I do! 
{above & below}


  1. IT's awesome to have a love that makes you feel young. I completely failed at going to the movies this weekend.

  2. It was so awesome dancing and having fun like we were teens. We don't do it that often, but when we do MAN we have a ball!

  3. Sounds like we had the same kind of fun! We also went to go see Red Tails. King T. and I headed out on Saturday to Cocktails and Conversations. Both nights, even Sunday were filled with love, joy, and memories. Now it's all about the grind. The pictures are great. #IndieTrail

  4. Hey I! So glad you stopped by. Sounds like you and King T were living it up. Lol! Hope the girls are well.


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