Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Quick meal....No. 1

Before I was married and had a child I wasn't much of a cook. I grew up in a household of women who could "burn" as in cook food that was hands down the best anywhere! Unfortunately, I didn't pick up any of those cooking skills or naturallly have the cooking gene, but I did learn how to clean a house until it sparkled. As the years have gone on my cleaning skills have improved and I must admit that I'm bit of a "tidy" freak. But I must say that I've been doing fairly well in the kitchen as well these days. My men (hubby and son) surely appreciate that I cook for them every night. And although my meals aren't gourmet, they are quite tasty and quick which is mandatory when you have men in the house.

Now for the point of this blog post! Lol! I was thinking of posting some of my quick meals on the blog from time to time. I'm sure most of you are better cooks than I am and may be able to give me a few pointers (which I welcome). But I know there are some of you who don't cook at all, so I figured my simple and quick meals may help someone....maybe.

Anyhoo, below is quick meal #1. Tell me what you think...would you make a meal like this in your home?

p.s. All ingredients (accept the fish) are from The Heritage Farmers Market in Rancho Cucamonga.

Smothered Potatoes
Pan Fried Tilapia
Garden Salad

Wash Potatoes



Wash green onion & cilantro 

dice (approx. 1/2 cup)

Lay out your seasoning & cooking oil choices

Put 1 table spoon of cooking oil, potatoes & diced onion & cilantro into a frying pan. 
Season with spices. 
Cook for 30-35 minutes covered at medium heat stirring frequently until potatoes are soft.
Be careful because potatoes will stick if you don't stir frequently.


Red leaf Lettuce & Roma Tomatoes with fresh sweet lime juice & Italian dressing

Tilapia lightly breaded in cornmeal and fried for 3 minutes on each side in 3 tablespoons of cooking oil.

{All Pics by M. Croom-Turner}


  1. My kind of cooking...simple but flavorful. I'm going to try the potatoes tonight!

  2. Glenda please let me know how they turn out! :) They are fairly simple to make, so I'm sure they will turn out great.

  3. Sounds simple and delish...keep the quick meals coming...big motivator

  4. Glad you like them Ebony! I think I will add this to my blog line up ;)

  5. The food looks awesome. I usually fry my tilapia in PAM and it turns out just as good... it may cut out even more calories!

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