Monday, January 9, 2012


Last week the hubby and I finally started putting some of our art on the wall. If it wasn't for us having company over for New Year's Eve, we probably wouldn't have done it....thank God we love to entertain because it's the only way we get things done around here. Lol!

Anyhoo, while we were hanging things on the wall I realized that we have a tremendous amount of space throughout our loft that is going to need some TLC and creativity. So lately I've been looking around for inexpensive art for our place. I love abstract art and although I don't always know what I'm looking at, if the colors or patterns move me well that's enough for me. Isn't that what art is anyway??? It speaks to everyone differently, right?

Below are a few pieces I really love. Great prices, beautiful color, and that I believe would fit great in our place. Do you guys have lots of art up in your home? What kind and where do you find your pieces?

This piece in my home I found at the Rose Bowl Flea Market for $10!!!


  1. Such beautiful painting inspirations! I think paintings look wonderful in a home. I don't have any original paintings, but I do have a lot of various art prints up in my apartment.

  2. One of my favorite times to purchase art is during Black History Month when there are numerous of festivals and parades. Also there is a wonderful little art gallery in our area called Ebony Art & Custom framing. They have the greatest artist. Check it out!

  3. Hi Kyla! I only own 1 original and several prints too. I would love to own more! But prints are definitely nice until I can afford the real deal.

    @ Glenda...Yes I've been there. I know Terry the owner...her and her husband are awesome people!

  4. All my art is still leaning against the wall. Eventhough I've lived here for 7 yrs now.... I guess it's because I now I'll be moving soon... But I know one that's def going on d wall regardless. Thx for the inspiration


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