Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hey! Happy new week....

It's a new week already! Where does the time go??? Seriously! Anyhoo, I hope you all had a fabulous week & were well-rested and ready to tackle the new week with a positive outlook and a refreshed spirit. I know I had a very rocky few days last week, so the start of a new week was just what I needed. As of late I've been trying to deal with "situations" as soon as they arise, that way I'm not stewing in things that are bothering me, or bring me down.  Last week I handled an uncomfortable situation the best way I knew how, and boy did it get uncomfortable. But dealing with weird matters are never comfortable and the sooner they are addressed, the faster they can be in the past. Would you agree?

So moving forward, I am looking forward to several things this week! First, a surprise getaway I've planned for my hubby and I. :) Second, the grand opening celebration of Glitter Lifestyle Boutique on Saturday which my partner "E" and I have been so excited about. We can't wait to share our blog/boutique come to life with everyone. And last but certainly not least, prepping my little guy (who isn't really that little because he's now 12 years old and already 5 foot 3 already) for a week of science camp in Big Bear with his 6th grade class.

Now what to wear for my plans above (1 & 2) decisions, decisions.....

Daytime outfit options w/hubby

Evening outfit options w/hubby if weather permits

Glitter Grand Opening Celebration Look #1

Look #2

Look #3
All pics via Pinterest.com


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