Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Hey there! I promised pics from my getaway on Monday and have yet to produce them. I'm a bad blogger....So sorry guys. :( I promise to get them up soon. It's just that ever since Spring arrived my mind has been on fashion. Since opening Glitter in March I'm finding that I must stay up on the trends. I wish every one had a boho-chic style like mine and then I wouldn't need to think so hard about what items to stock in the boutique. But since people have very different styles, I must be mindful of my clientele and stock the store with staple pieces plus trendy items.

Below are a few things that are grabbing the attention of my Glitter customers. How do you free spirits feel about these trendy pieces??? Would you rock any of them?

Hi-Low Skirts {via}
Mint Pants {via}

Turban {via}

Tribal Necklaces {via}

Be free,

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