Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Hope you all had a fabulous 3 day weekend. Mine was very BBQ included :( But, I managed to survive...Lol! I attended my home church on Sunday and they had the most beautiful tribute for our service men and women. There was not a dry eye in the church house. My father served in the Vietnam War, and luckily is fine today. But I know several of our past soldiers and current ones have fought for this country with such bravery and for that I would like to say...we appreciate YOU and Thank you!

Anyhoo, the weather is finally warming up here in Southern California and I am excited about it staying this way for a while. I haven't done much shopping for any summer items and I probably won't be for a while. We are sending a young man off to college in 6 years...Yikes..So currently our finances are a focus in this household. We are doing a financial overhaul and it really feels good. Over the next few years we are focusing on saving, and hopefully doing a bit of traveling....material items are an afterthought. Over the last year or so my hubby and I have realized that we have so much fun enjoying the little things. When we were both employed full-time and making tons of money we just bought things, things, and more things. Not that it was bad to do that, but it didn't make us any happier than we already were. It can become a vicious cycle where you start wanting something bigger than the last thing you purchased. A better car, a bigger home, a larger get it I'm sure. So since we have downsized tremendously, and became self-employed, we have learned the value of spending time, taking walks, riding our bikes, going to $1 taco night for dinner, having friends over for games and wine...sweet little things like that. :) Those are the moments that have become most important for us. Believe me, we still love nice cars, and beach front homes, but we know that those aren't the most important things for us. So now we are embarking on a new journey to make our family's future more secure by saving more money and learning how to budget tighter. This is going to be nice in the long run, but tough. I'll definitely keep you all posted, especially since I've been yearning for some new summer dresses and sandals....ahahahaha!

Have any of you done a financial overhaul lately? Any book recommendations would be lovely!

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  1. Hey, M.! My father also served in the Vietnam War and the Korean War. My father was Airborne. Yours? Just wondering if they knew each other.

    Our financial overhaul has allowed us to pay off things that may take awhile for many (without doing an overhaul). It can be challenging, but when the last check is cut for something, it is such a relief. Plus, securing a financial foundation for our children is a great motivation. Yes, that yearning pulllllls at you, especially when you are a girly girl. I was a kid in a candy store when I got my Glitter top.

    No books, well actually we did the popular ones, but none of them really helped. Just being honest. The best advice we got was from another couple: Begin from the largest bill/debt, pay it off, and put that payment into another. Keep doing those moments you mentioned up top. They will open your eyes to so much.

  2. My go-to budget book is called The Art of More for Less Savvy Chic by Anna Johnson. I picked up my copy a couple of years ago from Anthropologie, but you can get it at Amazon

    It's a great book, the writer is bohemian. You'll love it!

  3. I love this post My, our family is doing the same thing! My hubby's profession is in we made a plan, paid off our credit cards and developed a less is more approach! It has been a true blessings and it makes your family feel more like a team:) We love the book The Go-Giver, it doesn't have any tips on saving but the philosophies and principles focus on how giving starts the receiving's life-changing!

  4. OMG! Thanks so much for all of the lovely advice.

    Itiel, I need to get more info about my Dad's time in the Vietnam War...I'll get back to you. Wouldn't it be lovely if they knew each other???

    Glenda, I'll definitely check that book out.

    Lakia, I love that principle...Giving starts the receiving. Lovely!

  5. Yes, it would be. Listening to my father's stories...that was a very difficult time, all they had was each other.

  6. "Debt-Proof Living" by Mary Hunt.
    Also books by Dave Ramsey. A lot of churches host his video series Financial Peace University (also a book). Not the best book writer but right on with handling money, saving, investing and budgeting, etc.



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