Thursday, May 10, 2012

A mix of Summer + Fall Boho-Chic

Good day! I hope your May is up to a great start. The weather has been amazing so far...So it's perfect timing to get moving with all those bright and sunny ideas you've harboured all winter long.

Forgive my scatter brain today...but I could not stick to just one feature! Hence the range of things.

Mango Summer 2012
I adore the neutrality, simplicity, and sophistication of these looks.
The model, Anna Selezneva in her effortless way added the glam vibe for the catalogue.

Spell's winter 2012 Collection
What I love is the photography of this collection.
It portrays that free spirit that we so love...

Elizabeth and James | Fall 2012 TEXTILE Line
These collection definitely speaks to the casual and laid back seeking chic. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen absolutely stayed true to their comfy zone, but with a twist of military, sporty, and vintage inspiration.

(For some reason, I was expecting a loose knit oversized sweater but this is an interesting surprise from them)
Smile! your weekend is hours away!


  1. Nice images Stella. I really like the first picture. The idea wearing slouchy socks with sandals is cute :)

  2. Thank you Glenda...the collection has that loungy ease to it.
    have a lovely week and thanks for the lovely comments.



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