Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Silky Print Affair

So on D&G's final ode to its silk print line...The designers went for the kill. For the last time it displayed the mixed prints to flow with the colorful brightness of spring/summer trend. This amazing collection details various unique pieces in its wrapped and knotted styles. It kept the bohemian chic and ethnic hints in every piece which leaves us with that bravity and boisterous spirit of the season. But at the same time it's the end of an era and goodbye is never easy but respectfully we will accept the closed curtains.
 D&G Spring Summer 2012


 images via FoxLuxe

And as always in the fashion world, it's sometimes about taking the same idea and simply making it yours in some unique way. So it's no surprise that you would see this same silk print theme by designers like Hermes and Versace, and on that list is also Emilio Pucci below:

Emilio Pucci Spring | Summer 2012

images via

Ok people, remember to have a beautiful day and weekend ahead

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