Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Guilty as charged.....

I must admit that I felt super guilty after watching this video, and I have pledged to do better, live in the moment more, and know that everyone doesn't need to know everything I'm doing at all times. For those of you who follow me on instagram, you know that I post regularly. However, today as a part of my "living in the moment more frequently" pledge, I'm deciding to post less on insta, but with more meaningful content when I do post. Does that make sense? I'm also guilty of pulling my phone out at a party, or concert to capture moments when I should just be soaking it all in. Oh God, technology is going to be the death of our relationships, lives, and real time moments. Yep, it's time to disconnect a bit. Wish me luck!

Anyone out there guilty as charged as well after seeing this video? If so, take the pledge with me to do better, and live in the moment more, and let's hold one another accountable. We can do this!

xoxo, M.


  1. Thanks for the sharing this video! And I definitely agree with living in the moment more often.

    1. You're welcome Jasmine! When I saw it, I knew I had to share it. :)

  2. I completely agree. I have so many pictures that I've never shared on the social platforms - simply because they are my moments. It's the same with status updates. Yes, I do know what you mean.


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