Monday, December 9, 2013

The Weekend

Hey there! Hope you all had a good weekend. I did more than I had expected to do this weekend. I'm such a home body and I always look forward to being on my couch with a good book and a blanket, or watching an old movie with a cup of hot cocoa and snacks. Buuuut when you have a husband like mine who has lots of friends and is very social, then there is always something to do on the weekend. Lol!

Anyhoo, I got my lazy "A" in gear and we had a very nice weekend. On Saturday morning we ran errands and then headed over to my friend Marie's studio, Unearth Malee where she handcrafts organic soap and candles and sells beautiful finds from Taiwan. She held an Asian Bazaar event which showcased fair trade merchandise and of course her decadent products. It was right up my ally with all of the ethnic artisan merchandise, chai tea, henna tattooing, and the aroma of sandalwood and eucalyptus wafting through her space. I sipped my chai and chatted with other ladies, shopped, and introduced my hubby to some of my "boho" circle of friends. He was so patient as I took my time and soaked in everything. I really adore Marie and her studio and hope to have a place of my own one-day to handcraft my jewelry and other DIY projects.

Later that evening we headed out to H.O.M.E. in Beverly Hills. One of the hubs college buddies had an event there, and it turned out to be quite nice. Jill Scott actually did an impromptu performance after we left {insert sad face}. It is definitely a grown and sexy type of spot.

Then there's favorite day! Church, family time, farmers market runs and just chilling with my two favorite guys. *bliss

What did you free spirits do this weekend?


  1. Nothing worth mentioning. My weekend was so uneventful.

    1. Well, you did just have a trip to Santa Barbara ;)

  2. Your weekend sounds and looked fabulous! My husband and I went to see Best Man Holiday finally! It was a tear jerker. We attempted to go to churhc on Sunday, was dressed and everything and on the way out the door, it snowed again. It was a mess.

    1. Hey La Toya!

      Yes, that movie was a tear jerker....almost too much! Lol! Well, the Lord knows your heart :)


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