Thursday, January 9, 2014

Boho Fashion

I recently stumbled upon a new website that I LOVE! ThreadSence has the sort of boho-chic clothing I'm always looking for that won't break the bank. Another great source for boho apparel is Free People, but their price tags don't always fit within my budget. If you aren't into boho fashion as much, the Co-founder of ThreadSence, Mai Olivo just happens to own another successful online boutique named Ruche which sells new vintage-inspired clothing....they have some really cute things too!

Anyhoo, below are some of my favorite looks available at ThreadSence.

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  1. My, this is boho to the max! I tend to like minimum boho. I can do the hippie look, but it has got to have a bit of classic elements to it.

    1. Yes it is Glenda and I love it all! Lol!

  2. So excited to check out this site! Thank you :)

  3. Thank you! The clothes look really cool. Just my style.


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