Thursday, January 30, 2014

Oh Anthro...

I love everything about Anthropologie's store. The global feel of the decor, uniqueness of the merchandise, and the earthiness of the website and blog seem like they were tailor made for a boho-chic gal like me. I've always been that girl that wore something "different" and didn't quite fit in where I grew up. Anthro has managed to create a space that make us "strange" girls feel welcomed. I embrace my differences, my quirkiness, & my love for things that sometimes don't make sense to others. That's the beauty of being me.

I can see myself on a similar trip wearing all of the beautiful outfits in this video. Enjoy! 


  1. I'm addicted to Anthro and find myself needing to go to the store every week. Just being in the store makes me happy!

    1. Hi Glenda! I don't go that often but when I do my mind is always blown!


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