Monday, January 27, 2014


Whoa!!!! I just kinda skipped out on y'all for like 10 plus days. Life definitely got in the way of my blogging schedule. I must admit that I did think about blogging, but never got around to it. I'm so behind on my favorite blogs as well. I can't wait to make a fresh pot of coffee in the a.m. and dedicate some time to catching up on all that has been going on with you guys. So definitely be looking out for my comments...I'll be stopping over your way soon!

Anyhoo, I've been redecorating and organizing our home for the past 10 days and all I can say is...Whew..what a huge undertaking this has been! I'm almost done with the downstairs area (kitchen, dining area, living room, and powder room) and I'm hoping to be moving upstairs by next week. This has been more than a notion. I've been spending most days from sun up until sundown organizing cabinets and running to Home Goods, Ikea, Target, and TJ Maxx. It has been exhausting, but I'm finally starting to see the results I want. Once I get a few more things done, I'll post some pictures. I did take a break on Saturday to attend a Moja Moja, a pre-Grammy brunch and benefit concert. It was pretty amazing and just the break I needed. The music was outstanding and I am now a fan of many of the indie musicians I heard that day. I'll be posting on a few of them later in the week.

Below are some pics of what I've been up to lately....Besides being an insane decorating lady. Lol!

Night cap with my boo here.

Sipped my first cup of joe on my porch after fasting for 20+ days. 

Another lovely day in Manhattan Beach for these wonderful events.

A healthy salad I created for my guys...they loved it!

Dressed & headed to the Moja Moja Pre-Grammy Brunch.

Those heels were so complaints. Got them here.
I love a cute jumper. Scored this one at Marshall's. 

Lunch & meeting with my biz partner to discuss taking our events to the next level! 

Scored these Christian Siriano for Payless ankle strap pumps for $19.99


  1. Those pumps are fabulous ... what a steal!

    Love your jumper ... I need one!

    And I cannot wait to see what you've done in your place.

    1. Hey Faith! Yes, those pumps were a steal!!! I'm still working on my place. A few more touches and I should be ready to reveal. :)

  2. You look cute and ready for a great indie concert. I bet you had a great time!

    1. I was a lot of fun. We've decided to make it an annual outing!


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