Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Favorite Grocery Buys

I normally grocery shop two times per month which I know is not often, but works for my small family of 3. Because I own farmers markets, I get most of my produce there, which eliminates my need to grocery shop as often as most people. When I do need to pick up groceries, my favorite place is Trader Joe's. For me, it's a one-stop shop for all of the things I love; great wine, quality meat, fresh flowers, and great snack foods. Also, I've found that they package their food in just the right amount of portions for my family, and we can actually get around to eating everything and food doesn't go to waste.

Below are some of my favorite items to pick up at Trader Joe's.

Fresh Mums which I like to place in a mason jar.

The best smelling soap ever!

$2 buck chuck Pinot Grigio is still one of my fave under $5 wines. 

I can't live without my Trader's French Roast k-cups for my Keurig coffee maker. 

 I love these old fashioned potato chips. Just the right amount of salt.

These mini chicken tacos are great for party appetizers & snacking. 


  1. I love fresh flowers in a mason jar. It just looks so rustic chic...if that's such a thing.

    $2 wine? Sign me up!!!

    XO |EESH

    1. Hi Ayesha! Yes, $2 wine....can't beat it.


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