Wednesday, July 8, 2015

My Forty Plus Style

Hey Lovelies! Look at me.... 2 back-to-back posts. Woo hoo! This one is light-hearted, fun and about fashion, which we girls love! 

I made forty-one years of age this past May and it was quite an unbelievable day for me. I was immensely thankful to God for giving me another year of life, but also amazed that the time had flown by so quickly. I started thinking about ways I've grown and changed over the years and funny enough I noticed that my style has changed a bit. Not in a bad way, but in a more mature way. I still keep my look fun, but with more of a 40-ish bohemian vibe.

Anyhoo, I've noticed that since I'm more aware of what looks good on me and what I feel comfortable in, it's now easier for me to shop. But now things seem pricier because I'm so picky about quality and a great fit. Ugh! If I can stay off this website and out of here, here, here, and here, I may be able to save for my dream trip to Italy {insert crying eyes emoji}.  

Shirt & Skirt - Zara | Shoes - Target 

T-shirt - Forever 21 | Pant - Nordstrom Rack | Shoes - Nordstrom

Tank - Pac Sun | Gaucho Pant - Kohls 

Tunic Dress & Booties - Marshalls

Headband - Anthropologie | Shirt - Old | Wide-leg jeans - Nordstrom Rack | Necklace - Kate Spade


  1. I love when people's wardrobe matures with them. I think change is good even if it's just a slight one. You look lovely, as always. I especially love the brunch look and the concert look. That's something I'd rock as well.

    XO |EESH

    1. Hey Eesh! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. :)


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