Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Promises, promises...

I am really horrible at blogging a post like this, and then not following up. But today I remembered that I told you all that I would share my daily work schedule and some tips from the Spark and Hustle business conference I attended.  Well here's the deal...I'll be posting my daily work schedule today, and the S&H biz tips possibly tomorrow. So do I get credit for making good on half of my promise from last week? hehehe

Do any of you have a schedule that you stick too? Whether you are a business owner or not. I'm sure I'll be revising mine as my business evolves, but the one below works great for now!

* Of course as a small biz owner I don't stop working at 3 pm, but the rest of the evening is on and off work due to mommy and wife duties beginning (dinner, homework, clean-up, etc.).

Picture taken by me :)

be free,


  1. I was waiting for this post. It gives me inspiration to carve out the workday for myself. I have the opportunity to work from home now and can't seem to get in a groove. A good schedule like this definetly gets you on track. Especially starting out in the morning doing something fun.

  2. Very inspirational! I need to be on a schedule myself! And lay off of FB!


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