Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Back to me...

I've been feeling a little distant lately. Not like myself. My post have been lackluster (to me at least) and I haven't really been inspired to do much of anything. It's such a yucky feeling! I hate it! Anyhow, today I've committed to break out of my funk, and get back to myself. Yay! I had such an awesome weekend, and I was surrounded by so many beautiful and positive women and it just put everything back in perspective for me. Life is such a beautiful journey and sometimes things are not always what you want them to be, but that's the beauty of it....we have to go with the flow and sometimes the flow isn't always peaches and cream. So I'm embracing my little "week long funk" that I had, and now I'm moving forward in positivity, love, optimism, and most of all peace!

So now on to what I did this weekend. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera but you can see some of the pictures from the Scentsational Soaps launch party I attended HERE and HERE. The owner of Scentsational was my first Bohemian Biz Spotlight feature, so If you didn't catch it you can read all about Toushounta HERE. Then after the launch party I hung out with good friends and family in the Long Beach harbor area on a mini-yacht :) Super fun times!

Pictures from My weekend

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