Friday, July 15, 2011

Happy Friday...

The end of the work week is here...Yay!!!! Does anyone have any grand plans? I have a few things to do, but I'm already tired just thinking of them. There's nothing more I'd rather do this weekend than stay in bed, watch netflix movies on my computer, eat snacks, and enjoy mini naps.  Doesn't that sound good??!!!! If only it were possible...Lol! Oh well. Since I'll be out and about and attending a few parties this weekend I went and got myself a cute pedicure and some adorable and very affordable sandals. I'm excited about them both! *excuse my long feet...I'm just a long person...I get it from my Daddy ;).

Have a great weekend!

be free,


  1. Omgoodness, love the sandals and your polish!
    elements of my life

  2. ooo those are terribly cute Myisha! Since you are on the West Coast I'm just going to go ahead and copy you here on the East! LOL!

  3. Thanks Erika and Nappy! For $20 you can't beat it!


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